You’re beautiful in every single way.

Hi! Happy Thursday! I think Thursdays are a very under recognized day. All smiles. An Urban Development was posted today! I will show you it’s wonderfulness!

There is nothing I am looking forward to more this summer than this concert.

I worked today. It was fairly uneventful. I must tell you something about myself though. I very rarely call people by their names. Its always the “guy who..” the “girl that..” so I will continue this story and you will know why I am doing what I’m doing. The guy who comes on Thursdays and has puppies was in today. I hadn’t seen him in ages! And Bill, the one who complimented on me to corporate was in too! So glad to see him. And then a guy I went to high school with. And of course Mr. Regular Robert, who is in every week. He poked fun at me because he had called and I didn’t know something.

I’m still doing good with the diet. Meatloaf for dinner tonight!

I took a picture at a stoplight today. What a dork I am! It’s bright and sunny and wonderful.



~ by thelissuh on February 10, 2011.

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