Worst Date Ever

Inspired by http://megaugustine.com/2011/02/14/worst-date-ever/

Around two years ago, I had a friend who had a boyfriend, and I didn’t. This always presents an interesting predicament when trying to hang out together. She had a friend (who was a guy that liked her, by the way…) and asked if I’d be interested in going out on a blind date with him. I reluctantly agreed.

We decided a movie would be an acceptable adventure. Let me set the scene for you. I was the first to arrive. I wore my favorite shirt – it was a Converse button up pink shirt and jeans, and Converse shoes. Was sporting my standard Coach purse and had makeup on a little nicer than usual. I didn’t have a clue what he looked like, but I was sure she wouldn’t set me up with someone crazy looking…

My friend and her boyfriend arrived next. Seemed the date was running a little behind but he’d be there soon. She told me I looked cute and I thanked her. I was very nervous. What would he think of me? Would he think I was pretty? Am I overdressed? She’s in jeans and a t-shirt.. Oh well, I’ll be fine. She knows I like preppy well dressed boys. He’ll be dressed just fine.

And then he walked in.

He was wearing an old, stained t-shirt that looked two sizes too big. He had on baggy jeans that had rips and tears… not in an American Eagle kind of way, either! And his shoes.. oh.. horrible, old shoes, I’m sure he’d had since the 7th grade..

I was shocked, appalled. And his face? He could’ve been my ex boyfriend’s twin. (Did I mention we’d ended on bad terms?)

I gathered myself I smiled and introduced myself. I couldn’t believe she’d ever even think I’d go for a guy like this. Seriously? We went to buy our tickets. He complained they were expensive, and didn’t even buy my ticket.

He knew this was a date, right?

We made our way to the theater. Thankfully this was a movie I’d really wanted to see, or I would’ve walked out the minute he’d walked in. Found our seats, back row. The first preview came on, and he hadn’t said anything more to me than his name and how expensive the tickets were.

The second preview came on. He just talked to my friend.

Third preview. He asked her where the restrooms were, and he left.

Fourth preview. Hadn’t came back.

Movie started. Still nothing.

Half an hour in, he was still gone. My friend leaned over and apologized. He never came back. She texted him and asked where he went. He went home to mow his grass.




~ by thelissuh on February 14, 2011.

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