Oh Macy’s, you rock my socks right off.

I went to Macy’s today, where they were having a sale of 25% off on Coach. Also, an additional 20% off coupon. and 20% off if you got a Macy’s card. I was looking for the beautiful one I found online in purple/tan, but unfortunately they did not have it! I did, however, find a beautiful black one, the same shape, with the new C.

My new Coach!

Here is is! Isn’t it lovely? I love the new, round C’s. I think I even got a better deal by going to Macy’s instead of the Coach Outlet, because while the Coach Outlet has some good sales, everything they had there was ugly in color. This same purse there was 178 or 210, I can’t remember, and I ended up paying less! Shout to the very nice lady who helped me today, hope you get commission!

I just had to see the one I went for before I made the purchase, so I hiked all the way to the regular Coach store to look at it. It was definitely cute, but it had a weird material to it, and I wasn’t a huge fan.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go to twelve stores!



~ by thelissuh on February 21, 2011.

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