Nobody likes to be picked last.

So today we had a meeting at work, and I may have acquired some information leading me to believe something fishy is going on. I was short $10 dollars on Sunday, a girl was short yesterday, another girl short $5 today. This has been going on for weeks. There’s only 3 people who haven’t been short.. yet. Not cool. No way am I paying them to work there!

Also, we had a meeting and nobody picked me to be their partner :\

But, I’m going to lead the revolution. We need to stand up for ourselves as Cashiers. If they’re stealing money from our drawers, and it’s coming out of our checks, 10 dollars here, 29 there.. 5 here.. 10 there.. we need to put a stop to it. So I watched him count my drawer today. And I will every day. and I’ll carry a big stick. Because this honey, is a revolution.

And we’re not gonna take it.

Also, the safe has been short. And when we’re short, it comes out of our checks! I’m not happy about this.



~ by thelissuh on February 23, 2011.

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