An hour and 23 minutes later…

I am now back online. 😀 We had power surges knocking our internet out and caused my laptop to mess up something terrible. I spent literally a half hour on the phone with a Level 1 Tech who was clueless. Then an hour and 23 minutes on the phone with a wonderful nice man who definitely helped me get it back up and running. Go you, sir! If you’re out there, and you ever come across this, thank you toooons! 🙂 You sort of had a cute voice too! 😀

Matthew Morrison is on the Late Show tonight. I’m all over that!

Sometimes, people just put a huge smile on your face. Like when you get an unexpected text from them while you’re at your job doing nothing. And when they message you when they get off work. And you’re up super late talking to them. ❤ Thank you, too.



~ by thelissuh on February 25, 2011.

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