New Computer!

Bought Keith Urban tickets this morning! I am so excited! I cannot wait to see that man! It feels like I have months to go.. but so worth it.. the seats are AMAZING!

I went to lunch with Josh today! Yay! We went to Bob Evans and had lunch and our server was horrible.. we didn’t tip her too well! Then to Target, where he loaded up on Easter candy, like the dork he is! 🙂 I also saw my Cake Pops! by book I want on sale for only $13, I should’ve bought it! Left there, went to an office store to try to find a surge protector for my new laptop but I couldn’t find one.. also Radio Shack, they’re useless. Then to Starbucks for the rest of the afternoon. Josh bought us their new cake pops and they were amazing!

Last week my old faithful Gateway Laptop’s charger broke, and I was unable to get on my laptop for days. (Oh! The insanity!) I spent the better part of Saturday morning trying to find a replacement charger, but they were around $90 dollars. I found an amazing deal for an Acer online, and I decided to buy it, and it came today!

I love this! I was able to get my bookmarks back super fast because of Google Chrome’s sync feature. Also, I was able to use my portable hard drive to get all my music and photos back. So hard to get used to this keyboard.




~ by thelissuh on March 8, 2011.

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