Adventures at the grocery

I went to the grocery today and for the first time had quite a few coupons. Only around 26 dollars, but that was significantly more than my usual coupons. When I went through the line, I’d never been treated so badly. I felt like I was some sort of criminal! The girl was so terribly mean to me.. Every coupon I tried to use in the self line, she made me open my bags and prove to her I bought what I was saying I bought. I didn’t honest to goodness have a single coupon for something I didn’t buy. I did find some amazing deals though. I had a Gain coupon for $3 off fabric softener and it was on sale for $3.99, so I got it for only .99 cents! I’ve never used Gain but I don’t really care for the new smell of Downy, so I hope I like it!

Also acquired some ingredients to make these:

Oh Bakerella, you’re my favorite.



~ by thelissuh on March 12, 2011.

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