I’m so confused.

I have Orientation at my new job tomorrow. (Job 2 never called back, didn’t get it!) I know they’re going to ask what hours I will be able to work this upcoming week, only my regular job has gotten some kind of itch to work me almost every day all week. I’ve never, not in many years, at least, been scheduled to work 5 days at my regular job. It’s so crazy. I can’t even figure it out. It’s almost as if they know I’ve gotten another job, and they want to keep me from working there. What is a girl going to do? This is going to take alot of thinking…

I went to JCPenny this morning. I had a $15 dollar coupon off of $15 dollars spent, when you use your JCPenny Gold Charge Card. I also had a merchandise return voucher for 13.00. I got a pair of pants for $28.99. After the $15.00 coupon, it brought the total down to $14 dollars. I tried to use my merchandise return voucher and the cashier told me I couldn’t. I could ONLY use a JCPenny Gold Charge Card. “I have every intention of putting the balance on my Gold Charge Card”, I explained. She told me no, she had no option to even use the card. I was late to work. I was so upset. I was screaming at her calling her a liar, and ended up paying the $14 dollars. It’s so frustrating. On what planet are you NOT allowed to use a gift card? I will be in touch with JCPenny corporate.

I also picked up the COOLEST things at Michaels! I got Candy Melts in multicolor. They’re basically white with little sprinkles of color. I also got Peanut Butter flavored ones, Light Cocoa and Vanilla. They make those things in EVERY color you could ever want!

I am making my Red Velvet Cake Balls for a girl at work. All 60 of them. Hopefully Josh will come get him some this time. They’re so worth it, I’m telling you.

I wish Heidi was online. I need to vent.



~ by thelissuh on March 24, 2011.

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