I’m not perfect but I’m worth it

•April 6, 2011 • 1 Comment

I went to Meijer today. They are having a 10 for $10 dollar sale, get the 11th item free. I had 5 coupons off of Betty Crocker mashed potatoes. (Sometimes it’s handy when you have more than one computer, like now! They’re printable from Coupons.com, but you can only print two.) So I bought 11 boxes of Mashed Potatoes. Let me break this down for you:

5 coupons for either .50 off two or 1.00 off of two. The .50 doubles to 1.00, so all were $1 off of two.

10 boxes of mashed potatoes. (11th free)

So.. $10 for mashed potatoes, saved $5 which made it $5. Then I got a $2 dollar catalina that printed from buying 10 in one transaction. So I basically paid $3 dollars. 🙂

For some reason, I was thinking it was only $2. Hmm..

Such a productive shopping trip. I saved around 35 ish in coupons alone, and a 20 dollar coupon for getting a prescription filled. Super awesome!

I get so crazy excited to save money for having such expensive taste in Coach and cars! I went to Wendy’s today and tried the new fries. Not bad. I like them!

I’m so tired now. It was a long day. I’m planning to bake soon.



I’ve got the blues.. blue skies!

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I’m so happy to have sunshine! It’s been a beautiful day. Yesterday it definitely stormed. Had a bit of a 24 hour bug over the weekend, didn’t work on Sunday. Monday, my job I just quit messaged me and asked if I’d be interested in a cake decorating position.. oh, so very hard to pass that up.

Just downloaded Anna Wilson’s album Countrypolitian Duets from Amazon, I’ve only listened to Keith’s duet with her “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” but it’s definitely jazz!

I was so upset Keith Urban lost Entertainer of the Year to Taylor Swift at the ACMs. :\

This week Meijer has Betty Crocker boxed potatoes on sale for 10 for $10, get the 11th free and I have 5 coupons for $1 off of 2, so I think I will need to make my way to Meijer for mashed potatoes!

I got a bit of an offhanded request for cake balls for a meeting for work next week.. do believe I will be taking them up on that request. 🙂


This week went so fast.

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It’s April 1st already. I called Job 2 and quit. Job 1 called right after and asked me to come in today. I felt like I made the right decision. I worked 30 hours there this week. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t even feel like I worked that much.

My mind has been elsewhere. Life is strange. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I guess I just have to have faith that I’ll go where I should be.

I want to say, I am ready for sunshine and summertime.

Please go vote for Keith Urban at http://www.voteacm.com/


I felt like a pearl when I was holdin’ your hand…

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Today I had to work at CB. It was Josh’s birthday and he stopped by to get his “gift” from me, which was 6 of my Red Velvet Cake Balls. He told me they were way better than Starbucks (which makes me giggle, how can this girl be more awesome than Starbucks?!) and he said he really liked them! In fact, he ate all 6 while I was standing there.. he certainly made my shift go by fast for a while. I miss him working around the place. I’m fairly sure that my boss was angry at me for talking to him, but screw that. Sometimes it’s worth it.

I’ve never felt so wanted as I did today. I also texted back and forth with Sam for a while, and I told him I’d see him soon. He said he’d hold me to that.

I got my bangs trimmed today. Thank goodness. They needed it. I just wish I could’ve gotten my hair colored. On the way home from work, I saw a Mustang that was a 5.0 with the same appearance package as mine in the same color. Needless to say, I will be altering mine somehow soon. I’m thinking pinstripes that say Mustang at the end.


Like a Postcard from Paris, when I’ve seen the real thing.

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I went to my Orientation at my new job. I feel as though it is a very good place to work, and I wouldn’t mind working there. But I am not sure I would like what I’ve been hired to do. It scares me a bit, to tell you the truth. I’m still not sure I can make the sales numbers they are hoping for. Also, my regular job has worked me many more days this week. If I could manage to get these hours every single week at my regular job, I’m not sure I’d want to leave… I sort of still love my regular job! Going to this new job, I feel like I’m cheating on my regular one!

I went to JCPenny again, this time I found work pants. (and I was able to use my gift card!) I also got a cute shirt from Arizona and a couple of T-Shirts. And a half sweater I love.

Today, I worked at my regular job. I had a wonderful time. We’re trying to sell Jelly Belly Jelly Beans right now. Sold 16! Huzzah! I sold more than anyone else all day. We were goofing off and having ourselves a wonderful time.

I made the cake balls today to fulfill my order of 60. I’m very pleased with how these came out. I love making them. I’ll officially take orders now. 😀


I’m sending this out to all my exes…

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(None of which live in Texas)

You can vote for them for Best New Artist: http://www.voteacm.com/ (and it wouldn’t hurt to hit the little bubble by Keith Urban for Entertainer of the Year while you’re there!)


I’m so confused.

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I have Orientation at my new job tomorrow. (Job 2 never called back, didn’t get it!) I know they’re going to ask what hours I will be able to work this upcoming week, only my regular job has gotten some kind of itch to work me almost every day all week. I’ve never, not in many years, at least, been scheduled to work 5 days at my regular job. It’s so crazy. I can’t even figure it out. It’s almost as if they know I’ve gotten another job, and they want to keep me from working there. What is a girl going to do? This is going to take alot of thinking…

I went to JCPenny this morning. I had a $15 dollar coupon off of $15 dollars spent, when you use your JCPenny Gold Charge Card. I also had a merchandise return voucher for 13.00. I got a pair of pants for $28.99. After the $15.00 coupon, it brought the total down to $14 dollars. I tried to use my merchandise return voucher and the cashier told me I couldn’t. I could ONLY use a JCPenny Gold Charge Card. “I have every intention of putting the balance on my Gold Charge Card”, I explained. She told me no, she had no option to even use the card. I was late to work. I was so upset. I was screaming at her calling her a liar, and ended up paying the $14 dollars. It’s so frustrating. On what planet are you NOT allowed to use a gift card? I will be in touch with JCPenny corporate.

I also picked up the COOLEST things at Michaels! I got Candy Melts in multicolor. They’re basically white with little sprinkles of color. I also got Peanut Butter flavored ones, Light Cocoa and Vanilla. They make those things in EVERY color you could ever want!

I am making my Red Velvet Cake Balls for a girl at work. All 60 of them. Hopefully Josh will come get him some this time. They’re so worth it, I’m telling you.

I wish Heidi was online. I need to vent.